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12:08am 26/05/2006
mood: happy
4 Months with my baby!

I Love You Melissa!
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10:55pm 24/04/2006
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07:35pm 13/04/2006
mood: depressed
Nobody ever takes me serious or respects me. everything i do is wrong to someone or another. I'm sorry for living or bothering anybody.

I Love you Melissa

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02:10am 21/03/2006
mood: relieved
I'm really happy =]
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Greatest show/series ever...   
10:19pm 19/03/2006
mood: anxious

P.S. I hope tony doesn't die, i'll be very sad.
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just wondering   
11:29pm 06/03/2006
mood: sore
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you
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i miss your kiss, your laugh, your smile...   
02:03am 04/03/2006
mood: hot
omg fall out boy at the knitting factroy tonught was sooo fucking amazing!!!! with like 100 eople there it was even better, especially when there was like no 12 year olds, guitarist from panic the disco was there, bassist from my chemical romance, singer and drummer from midtown, and afew other people gym class heros and stuff. amazing.

Melissa is upstate for the weekend, God i miss her.

At chris house now playing some 360 and sht with jessie ralph and alex.

thats all. mad hungry gonna get some food


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She closed Her eyes and She seen us...   
01:34am 20/02/2006
mood: happy
i spent last night with Melissa and it was by far more than perfect. I'm Loving this year so far. Night
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Hello Houston!   
01:18am 03/02/2006
mood: happy
wow! its been a while. finally got my online back. i was thinking about writing this huge entry but now i dont feel like it. Melissa is amazing and i couldn't be happier to have her as my girlfriend and overall in my life. this feels right. rather then have people fuck with your mind like their fuckin 10. hahaah panic! @ the whore houses

1-25-06 <3

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08:44pm 03/12/2005
mood: annoyed
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"hello friend its been too long"   
10:41am 31/10/2005
mood: energetic

yeah i guess an update would be nice. lifes been alright, school, work is cool. last night was..well..amusing? hungout with lou lori and galella... dressed up..yeahh enough said lol. but um yeah went to party city on central to get some costumes and i saw chris and tina. i think i might be going there more often halloween or not. yeah so then we went to fridays and got some food then had some fun around tuckahoe and bronxville and called it a night.

i seen saw 2 on friday and it was amazing, i called my bro and he was with some friends and he knocked some guy out at a bar on warburton ave. whatelse>? yeah thats about it, school and work is my life.

tonight i got a mid term then gettin crunked around. thats it happy halloween everyone.

do i tell her or remain silent??

..i guess i'll wait cuz its gonna come outa no where


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11:15am 14/10/2005
mood: sick
i feel sick as fuck!!!!


your crazy beautiful!!!

thats all
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08:55am 10/10/2005
mood: grateful
i'd just like to thank the people who left their condolences to my family and I. It was much appreciated.

Love Mike
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10:34am 08/10/2005
mood: sad
R.I.P Aunt Virginia
January, 5 1930 - October, 8 2005
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08:36am 15/09/2005

don't look at me now
she said with eyes that i can hardly take
'cuz im stuck with a smile that doesnt fit me anymore
she said
who wants a life that's filled with semesters
and useless knowledge and wasted credits
you can stay here tonight or maybe forever
and no one has to know
'cuz i wont let you go

and i cant wait to write you a letter for everyday that i cant bear
you can fill these moments with words like forever
but you gotta swear
don't forget to remember me

she said with a smile
that screams of tears and not another word
gunna spend my nights either sleepless or
dreaming about you
she said
who wants a life of lost adolescense
thats filled wtih regrets and anti-depressants
ive said it before and you know that i meant it
youre all i want to know
and i wont let that go

and i cant wait to write you a letter for everyday that i cant bear
you can fill these moments with words like forever
but you gotta swear
don't forget to remember me

let's just hope that nothing happens
wait forever not for me
life-long problems and last kisses;
all you ever gave to me

and i cant wait to write you a letter for everyday that i cant bear
you can fill these moments with words like forever
but you gotta swear
don't forget to remember me (x2)
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its been a summer!!!   
11:19am 05/09/2005
mood: drained
yeah what a summmer, ups and downs and things to look back on and to forget...
big update later on tonight. work soon
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It takes alot for smart thinking   
07:27pm 29/08/2005
mood: hi!
All I can see
Is the smiles
Fall asleep
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Just like them...   
03:05am 25/08/2005
mood: tired

I just want things to be Perfect

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12:15am 24/08/2005

selling my brand new digital camera i bought a month ago if anybody wants it, plus extras, such as $40 rechargeable batteries and charger. take a look. give me a resonable price and its yours. BRAND NEW!!!!! NO MARKS, 4.0 MP..here take a look


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just be in love and i'll kiss you like you always wanted   
05:16am 21/08/2005
mood: ehh

yeah wowo its 5 o clock and im still up and i have no idea why..anyway lifes been ok, just confused about some things tonight i offered to volunteer to help out at the vendetta red and bayside in poughkeepsie fro music for america again as i did with green day and they needed another person so nick came. so we drove up there at like 3 gother eat like 4:30 ish and got in and chilled around hungotu with a fe members of vendettea red adn bayside. and this badn keesler from valhalla opend up for them. show was good this band school yard heros with a chick singer was pretty weirrd but pretty good on teh other hand. this badn mightmare of us..ehh then vendetta red came ona dn put a good show on then bayside ahh really fuckin good. about 10 the show was over and we chilled got a bayside shirt and old cd, new one comes out on tuesday. then we pacekd up or stuff and left and i left my bag up there with my camera bag init. damnit. least the camera wasnt in it, yeah i took some pics so i'll put them up here tomorrow maybe. umm yeah so we left and got lost kinda and we starving and looking for a mcdonalds and we finally found one ate and got back on the road, then there was some like police shit goin on on the taconic so we had to get off and go pretty far to ge back on. fianlly got home and now bored got off the phone with danni alittle bit ago, shes awesome good person...yeah gonna go to aleep soon. pics and maybe another update tomorrow. i wanan rigth in this so bad but i just dont wanan let all my feelings out on how i feel about shit and what im thinking, i dunno why i dont alright gettin outa here. later

If I don’t make your heart skip a beat then hate me
If I don’t make you feel anything than it’s me


Just close your eyes
And I’ll kiss you like there’s no tomorrow

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